Chastanet condemns Vieux Fort homicide

Saturday’s Vieux Fort homicide has been condemned by United Workers Party (UWP) leader, Allen Chastanet.

Chastanet described the Vieux Fort homicide, in which Francis Cyrillien was hacked to death by armed bandits as a “horrendous crime”.

He told his audience that Cyrillien was tied up and chopped to death while his girlfriend was knocked out and tied up.


“Thank God her life was spared,” the UWP leader said.

He observed that there has also been an increase in suicides.

“These are all the children of fathers and mothers; all of them have Brothers and Sisters and cousins and friends,” Chastanet declared.

He added:

“I want us to stop and ask ourselves how much hope a person would have lost; how alone a person must feel and the pain and anguish a person must be going through in order to make that decision to commit suicide?”

The former Tourism Minister asserted that with an increase in suicides, one would have thought that Saint Lucia would have had a government of compassion that would raise awareness and tell young people that something was being done for them.

However Chastanet lamented that the government continues to give excuses.

“It is always somebody else’s fault,” the UWP leader said, adding that Saint Lucians deserve much more than they are getting from the government today.

Chastanet declared that the UWP is ready for change, to make the lives of the people better and to live up to their expectations.