Chastanet : Nurses and Doctors have to act like Gods

The leader of the opposition United Workers Party (UWP) has asserted that Nurses and Doctors have to act like Gods, in determining which patient on a waiting list gets onto a dialysis machine.

“I feel for those nurses and doctors who have to make that decision and have to act like god and make that decision between life and death,” the UWP leader told a political meeting of his party last night in Dennery.

Chastanet said that almost 100 people or more are waiting for someone to die to get on the machine.

He said the saddest part was that when someone dies, the Doctors and Nurses have to go through the waiting list and make a decision as to who will get on.

“All of the elderly people who are weak excluded and if there is a younger person who is stronger, that is who is selected,” he disclosed, adding: “What message are we sending to older citizens?”

The UWP leader challenged Health Minister, Alvina Reynolds, to say whether it was true that the dialysis ward at the new national hospital was tested, commissioned ready to go in May 2013, with the only missing equipment being what European governments had agreed to buy.

He said:

“Is it not true that after the ward was commissioned in May 2013, within four to five months the rest of the  equipment could have been ordered and paid for by the Europeans  and would have been operational by January 2014?”

According to Chastanet, eleven dialysis machines would have been there.

He disclosed that the previous night a young civil servant, whom he identified as Leona Phillips, died because she could not get on a dialysis machine.

“The problem that I am talking about is real, it is personal,” Chastanet declared.

He asked those in attendance to observe a minute of silence in memory of the deceased.