Kidnap victim upset over sex rumors

The female Vieux Fort kidnap victim has threatened to sue over rumors that she had sex with the deceased, Francis Cyrillien, 52, who was hacked to death by armed bandits.

The incident occurred in the Bois Chadon area of Vieux Fort on Saturday.

“I want to tell all Saint Lucians, especially the people of Vieux Fort who have my name spreading and saying is sex I went to have by the beach with the man, I want to stop them, because anyone I hear saying that I will bring them to court,” the kidnap victim declared in an interview with the Times.

The woman recalled that Cyrillien, with whom she had a non-sexual relationship, came to meet her at her home in Vieux Fort at about 4:30 PM on Saturday afternoon.

She said he invited her to go for a ride with him which she initially declined since she had a prior engagement.

However the woman said she relented and went with Cyrillien in his vehicle which he parked in the Bois Chadon area.

The kidnap victim disclosed that the front of the two door pickup was facing the beach, so that it was difficult to see anyone behind them.

“We had not been there ten minutes when two guys entered the vehicle; one put a cutlass by the Mister neck and the other had a knife by my neck,” the woman disclosed.

She said the masked bandit with the cutlass told Cyrillien to drive and she asked him to comply with the instruction.

According to the woman, who spoke on condition of anonymity, the bandits forced Cyrillien to drive into a gap where she was pulled from the vehicle and pushed into the grass.

She recalled that the smaller of the two men demanded all the jewelry that she had after ripping a chain off her neck.

“I have him the bangle, whatever I had,” she said, adding that during that time Cyrillien was in the vehicle wrestling with the bigger of the two criminals.

The Vieux Fort resident explained that she was not aware that the bandit had chopped her friend while she was in the grass.

“The small one told me to move my clothes and go to the back of the vehicle then he called the big one and told him to stay with me and the small one would stay with the man,” she stated.

The woman said she was hearing a noise from the vehicle but was unaware of what was going on.

She said they pulled Cyrillien out of the vehicle, by which time she had already been tied to a tree.

She disclosed that as a result of being tied, she sustained several bruises and her hands and feet were swollen.kidnap-victim-3


“While we were there I hear the Mister shouting for help, and I was shouting for help but I not hearing anybody coming to my assistance. I got fed up and give up because I was so tired,” the woman explained.

She recalled that at one point Cyrillien told her that she had wanted to stay home but he had persuaded her to come with him.

The woman said Cyrillien told her if anything happened to her it would be his fault.

“He told me that and a lil while after I hear him say ‘God forgive me for all my sins’,” she said.

The woman added:

I don’t know how it happen, what miracle was there, my hand get slack and the rope untie my hand.”

She said at that point, she went to help her friend, put her head to his chest but failed to discern any breathing.

The Vieux Fort resident said she started running out of the bush to reach the road to get help, all the time glancing behind her because she was not sure whether the assailants were still around.

The kidnap victim said she remembered seeing a man in a jeep whom she asked for help, telling him that someone in the bushes needed assistance.

The woman said she showed him her swollen hands and the rest of her injuries, but the man refused to assist.

She also recalled a red bus with passengers passing by and the passengers laughing at her.

“I told the man I leave him in God’s hands. What he did me there he will pay for it. I told him that and I continued running, praying to God for somebody to help me. I asked God to send a Good Samaritan for me, but all how I flagged down vehicles nobody stopped,” the woman lamented.

She said:

“When I reach lower down where they had the old Maison Salaison, I saw a man and a woman coming from by the airport side. I flagged them down. The woman asked what happened to me and I showed her my hands and feet. I was naked on the road looking for help for the Mister. The lady tell me okay, she will bring me to the station. She make her husband give me his shirt to put on and they brought me in the station.”

The kidnap victim observed that when they reached the police station, officers were leaving to investigate reports that a crazy woman in the nude was on the road asking for help.

“That’s how it happened,” the woman said, adding that she could not remember the man and the woman who came to her aid, but would really like to meet them again to express her gratitude to them.