Fortuna Belrose cites need for respect

Fortuna Belrose, the endorsed United Workers Party (UWP) candidate for Castries East, has highlighted the need to respect persons in positions in this country.

Belrose made the comments with specific reference to UWP leader, Allen Chastanet.

Chastanet has come under repeated heavy criticism from some disgruntled members of his own party and from the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party.

However Fortuna Belrose who will be challenging the incumbent Philip J. Pierre at the next elections said:

“I am not sure castigating Mr. Chastanet as someone who has done well in the tourism industry here and in the region and one of the pioneers of Jazz will do us any good as a country to move forward.”

“Not everybody will be like us, so we just have to respect what people can bring to the table and work with them from there,” Belrose said.

Just recently former Saint Lucia Foreign Minister and Chairman of the UWP Choiseul/Saltibus group – Rufus Bousquet, had suggested that Chastanet was an autocrat who would only allow persons who are submissive to his will to become UWP candidates at the next elections.

However Fortuna Belrose has said that from all that she has sensed, the UWP leader embraces and listens before taking action.

She disclosed that she has known Chastanet from the early days of playing sports in the Gardens, recalling that the UWP political leader had been a basketball player.

She asserted that as a team player he would have had to respond to the coaches like everyone else.

“I don’t buy that he only surrounds himself with ‘yes’ people,” Belrose declared, adding that she herself is an independent thinker who is willing to work with the team.

“I think with his experience, my support and the team support, we can make the changes the country needs ,” she asserted.

Belrose is  a former Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Youth Development and Sports and current President of the St. Lucia Olympic Committee.

She has been a public servant for some thirty-four years.