New Village kid better after horse mishap

New Village kid better after horse mishap

A New Village child is reported to be recovering after an incident on Sunday at Vigie Beach involving a horse.

Noelita Wells, the mother of the five year old girl, told the Times that the youngster was on the beach with some other relatives when the mishap occurred.


According to the New Village resident, her child was digging in the sand when a male on a horse was seen heading towards her at full speed.

Wells, who said she was not on the beach at the time, disclosed that according to the reports she received, the horse collided with the child and fell on the five year old.

“The guy left the horse and my daughter and ran,” she said.

Wells told the Times that her daughter sustained multiple injuries as a result of the incident.

She disclosed that an off duty police officer, assisted by a Security Guard at Rendezvous Hotel,  took the child to hospital.

Wells said that the neck pain her daughter has been experiencing has subsided somewhat, but the child is complaining of pain in her abdomen.

She also explained that a medical examination has determined that the five year old has no spinal injuries.

However a CT Scan has been recommended.

The only visible indication of the child’s encounter with the horse is a plaster on her hand.

“They should do something about those horses on the beach, especially on Sundays when they have so many people there,” Wells declared.

She asserted that some of the horses are practically uncontrollable because they are given stimulants to enhance their performance in races.

“They give them drugs and coffee to make them run faster,” ¬†Wells told the Times.

The New Village resident said that as far as she knows, the Police have not held anyone in connection with the incident on Sunday at Vigie Beach.

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