South Castries group denies political ties

South Castries Youth & Sports Council would like to confidently state that it has no political alignment to any political party in South and South East Castries.

The mandate of the council is to serve and develop young persons of both constituencies, and fostering partnership with all stakeholders in South and South East Castries.

The main objective for organizing such an initiative to meet with all political candidates with South & South East Castries, was to give young persons and political candidates to be in a neutral, controlling and comfortable environment, to ask questions, deliberate and discuss issues affecting young persons in the community, and giving the candidates the platform to articulate their projections and vision, they have for the constituency they seek to represent.

While South Castries Youth & Sports Council is disappointed by the lack of political maturity shown my prospective candidates, it is also satisfied with the level of discourse that has been generated from the council efforts to change the political landscape in South Castries and by extension St Lucia.

The clamoring and encouragement from the wider public has indicated that this level of political activism and advocacy is needed in St. Lucia’s political framework.

In regards to last Thursday’s Meeting with Dr. Ernest Hillarie and Mrs. Mary Isaac, South Castries Youth & Sports Council took all necessary steps to ensure this activity be implemented in a professional and diplomatic manner.

With this said, part two of the activity slated for Wednesday 16th March at the Odsan Primary School with Honorable Guy Joseph, parliamentary representative for Castries South East also candidate for UWP and Mr. Joachim Henry SLP Candidate is cancelled.

Mr. Joachim Henry has confirmed his participation, however Honorable Guy Joseph, has informed the Youth & Sports Council he is unable to participate, for the following reasons:

1. The time to respond to letter of invitation given by the council has elapsed.

2. In the letter we the council didn’t articulate what kind of format the meeting would be.

3. His party manifesto is not published; hence he cannot speak to the projection and vision he has for Castries South East.

South Castries Youth & Sports Council has taken the decision to dialogue with all political candidates from both political parties, as we continue to serve young persons in South & South East Castries.