Criminals on Horseback‏ – Police Horseback Patrol Suggested

There is an urgent need for the  Royal St. Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) to establish a mounted police unit which will patrol on horseback because the criminals will begin to elude the Police by  escaping  on horseback. Horses can go where 4×4 vehicles cannot and horses only need grass and water to function. I am sure that the authorities can approach the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) for some assistance in this regard.
Though it is illegal to have horses galloping on our beaches, how does one apprehend a criminal who is fleeing the beach  crime scene on horseback  without shooting the horse or the criminal? The time is opportune for our Beach Rangers to start patrolling our beaches on horseback. Note  that  in  February 2011 an 84 year old woman  was killed near the Dennery Beach when she was knocked over by a horse ridden by a 14 year old boy  from Dennery ( Unfortunately history will repeat itself (and almost did with the recent incident at  Vigie Beach) unless  there is an  effective enforcement mechanism to get the horses and their jockeys off  our  beaches.
 I look forward to a multi-sector response from the National Conservation Authority (NCA), RSLPF,  Ministry of Home Affairs & National Security and  Ministry of  Tourism to this suggestion.
The above letter was submitted to the Times by an anonymous writer.