Thomazo Bridge Flooded – Ministry Issues Warning

Thomazo Bridge Flooded – Ministry Issues Warning

The Ministry of Infrastructure has issued a warning to be wary of crossing the Thomazo bridge, which according to reports has been flooded this morning.

The Ministry said it is aware of reports of the situation and it has mobilized a contractor who will, as soon as the water has subsided, remove the debris that would have accumulated on the bridge.

A Ministry official told the Times that the Thomazo bridge is one of two that has serious issues and will be replaced this year.

The source told the Times that the other bridge is the Canaries bridge.

Tenders have already been issued and are being evaluated, the source said.

The source advised motorists to wait until the water has gone down rather that to risk a mishap by attempting to cross the bridge if it is flooded.

In addition to the Thomazo bridge flooding, multiple reports are being received by the Times of flooding in the Dennery and Bexon areas. Below shows a picture of flooding in the Bexon (Marc) area.

The flooding was apparently caused by overnight rain.

Marc (Bexon) area flooding stlucia_03162016

Marc (Bexon) area flooding

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