Zandoli CEO: We wish Williams had signed

Zandoli CEO, Camille D. St. Omer, has said in a statement that the organization wished that its former Communications Director, Norbert Williams, had signed the petition he so passionately advocated for.

Williams recently presented the petition, calling for a sex offender registry, to Minister for Health, Wellness, Human Services and Gender Relations, Alvina Reynolds.

Shortly after the petition was presented, Zandoli announced that it had parted company with him.

Williams thereafter hinted to the Times that the decision may have been linked to a difference of opinion.

Just this week he launched his own organization – Speak Out Saint Lucia (SOS), to continue advocacy on behalf of victims of sexual abuse, child molestation, incest and rape.

Zandoli CEO Camille D. St.Omer in a press statement to the Times said:

“We wish him the best with his new organization as they are just starting out. Nothing could make us happier than bringing inspiration where there was once none to persons wishing to speak up for things they believe in.”

St. Omer observed that leadership is defined as a transference of beliefs.

“We are so pleased we were able to lead and encourage Mr. Williams during his time with us.” The Zandoli CEO declared.

She said Zandoli was happy that it has given Williams a voice and a purpose and thanked Saint Lucians at home and abroad for supporting the organization.

“We are so moved by what Zandoli has been able to do and hope to see many more groups form as a result of our efforts,” the Zandoli CEO said.

She disclosed that as a mark of gratitude for the overwhelming support and in collaboration with its partners, Zandoli is now offering products and services to persons wishing to start their own groups.

According to St Omer, then products will include setup/registration, website development, nonprofit management training, t-shirts, signage, cyber security training, business plans, business cards, and access to her organization’s wide bank of other resources.

The Zandoli CEO said:

“Zandoli would like to say a very special thank you to those organizations which came before us, on whose shoulders we proudly stand.  Taj Weekes’ TOCO, PROSAF, Raise Your Voice, and the Catholic Church of Saint Lucia are a few of the many organizations and charities that we look up to.”