Zandoli speaks on dismissal of Williams

ort of Spain, Trinidad, March 16, 2016–  We are again thankful for Mr. Williams’ willingness to travel to Saint Lucia to present the petition to the Government of Saint Lucia. In our pre-briefing to his trip, we discussed with him the logistics of and how we felt, as a collective organization, how the Public Relations for the handover should proceed.

Sadly, Mr. Williams took the measure to call additional and unsanctioned press conferences, often times using language and legal jargon that was inconsistent with the careful steps outlined by our legal team, therefore creating a possible situation of confusion and possible legal liability.

The petition is valid and we sincerely hope it receives just consideration upon presentation to Parliament.

3) The dismissal of Mr. Williams is a culmination of violations from last year until his release on March 8th, 2015.

Mr. Williams continued to violate Zandoli’s policies regarding the following:

Repeated use of political language that is inconsistent with the parameters of our bylaws after several warnings. Repeatedly broadcasting official Zandoli news on his personal blog and his personal social media forums to advance his own agenda.

As the Communications and PR Director, consistently utilized other forums for the dissemination and posting of Foundation news and information; the official Zandoli mediums to broadcast Zandoli information was not used by the former PR Director.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Jonathan Bhagan LL.B LEC at 201-667-5708 or email at [email protected]