SLP Micoud North Candidate issues statement




held on

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Good morning ladies and gentlemen of the press.

As you are aware, at the Open Session of our 2015 Conference of Delegates held at the Phillip Marcellin Grounds in Vieux Fort, Political Leader Dr. Kenny D. Anthony, formally announced me as the Labour Party’s endorsed candidate for the Micoud North seat.

Ever since that time, I have been working assiduously to spread the Party’s message.

My name is Herbert Roserie, a 56-year-old father of five.  I am a former police officer and served with distinction for more than twelve (12) years.

I have been a community activist in the constituency of Micoud North all my life and have been involved in several community organisations. Some of these are the Micoud North Constituency Council, the Praslin/Mamiku Development Committee, the Mon Repos Community Action Group and the Sargassum Seaweed Task Force in the Micoud Village.

I am a farmer by profession with more than twenty-seven years experience and a founding Member of the National Farmers’ Cooperative Credit Union; was an employee of the SLBC, Winfresh and the National Fair Trade Organisation.

It is because of my activism on the behalf of the Micoud North community and my desire to serve people, several individuals and groups within the community approached me and asked that I consider a political role.

Even though I have always been a supporter of the Saint Lucia Labour Party and I always had an interest in politics I previously resisted these calls.

Having witnessed the poor representation of the current Parliamentary Representative over the past four years, I have now decided to come forward and offer myself to the people of Micoud North. They certainly deserve better than what they now receive.

As I said earlier, I have always been a supporter of the Saint Lucia Labour Party because it is a party which stands for the ideals I believe in.

It is a party which empathizes with the poor and the dispossessed; a party which cares about the needs of ordinary people and a party with a social conscience. The Saint Lucia Labour Party is one which is not afraid to enact programmes and legislation to alleviate the problems faced by the poor.

Whilst it is a party which has strong and decisive leadership, that leadership is also one with a conscience.

I know some would ask what chance I have in a constituency that has never voted for anyone other than a UWP candidate.

I know, too, that there are those who may consider my chances of success as slim. They would be wrong. In 1997 the Saint Lucia Labour Party came within a few votes of taking the seat from Louis George who had at that time held it for 15 years. Also, in 2011 the current representative won the seat with a minority of the vote.

In fact, her percentage is the second lowest ever recorded in local political history.

When you add this to the poor representation she has given to the people of Micoud North, I believe my chances are fairly good. In fact, if you walk around the constituency you will find so much disaffection within the ranks of the UWP supporters that many have publicly expressed a desire to register elsewhere.

It is also a fact that even though the seat is currently held by the opposition, the Labour government has not discriminated against the constituency.

Not even the Parliamentary Representative can deny that the Labour Party has done more during its tenure than previous UWP governments.

The police and fire stations were built by a Labour administration. The Micoud Primary School extension was undertaken under this administration.

The construction of the Praslin Jetty and the overall improvement of the Praslin Bay are Labour projects. The construction of the road at Jn Baptiste Hill, Micoud, the electrification of the Anse Captain New Extension residential area, the construction of community footpaths and more recently, the building of the locker rooms at the Micoud Village Bay front for the fishers are all projects that have been undertaken by an SLP administration.

Since my announcement as the endorsed candidate, I have continued my engagement within the constituency by providing material to improve the playing surface of the Praslin playing field and assisted a differently-abled young man of La Pointe by providing him with a wheelchair.

I have rebuilt a dwelling for a senior citizen of La Pointe, Micoud and provided sponsorship for the Micoud North Constituency football competition.

I continue to supply fresh vegetables from my farm to augment the school feeding program at the Patience Combined School. Additionally, I also assist with the strengthening of Youth Groups and clubs in the constituency.

Upon being elected the Parliamentary Representative for Micoud North after the next elections, my first action would be to engage all the youth organisations of the constituency in a massive consultation process aimed at attacking the myriad of problems faced by the youth of the constituency.

The constituency of Micoud North is calling for strong leadership and this is what I will provide.

My wife and family originally met my decision to enter into elective politics with some degree of apprehension. However, that initial misgiving has given way to full and committed support to the extent that my wife, a retired school teacher, actively participates in the act of house to house visits, all in an effort to rescue the Micoud North seat from the poor representation of the UWP

I have always been of service to my community and my decision to enter elective politics is simply an extension of that life of service.