New Dennery Infant School School Underway

On Thursday 17th March 2016, a Contract Signing Ceremony was held at the offices of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Port Services and Transport to signal the commencement of construction activities for a new Dennery Infant School. This is the first education facility being built under the Disaster Vulnerability Reduction Project (DVRP).

Project Coordinator in the Project Coordinating Unit (PCU) Ms. Cheryl Mathurin recalled the history of this project. She noted that the Dennery Village has a history of severe flooding during intense rainfall events, and the existing Dennery Infant School has been severely affected by previous high rainfall events such as Tropical Storm Debbie, Hurricane Tomas and the 2013 Christmas Eve through. Following the passage of Hurricane Tomas which significantly damaged the existing Infant School, the Government commissioned a design for the construction of a new school in a more secure location. Additionally, the consultants were mandated to ensure that the designs provide greater resilience to adverse weather events.

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Infrastructure Allison A. Jean was happy that this project had arrived at the stage of signing the contract. She disclosed that the new school would entail the construction of 4 new classroom blocks built of reinforced concrete, and equipped with special education classes and access for differently-able persons. Because the school will be constructed in a new location, provisions have been made for the construction of a new access road, drainage and fencing. She also expressed optimism that the contractor will deliver the project within 14 months duration as per the contract.

An International Competitive Tender process was used for this project. The project was awarded following the receipt of the no objection from the World Bank to OB Sadoo Engineering at a cost of $7.8 Million.

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