Fire at Carielle

A fire at Carielle this evening brought a fire truck and an ambulance rushing to the scene.


A Fire Service official told the Times that the initial report that was received was that a vehicle was on fire.

However the official on the scene disclosed that upon arrival it was discovered that it was a fire that started in a rubbish heap down a ravine and went out of control.


The fire at Carielle resulted in reduced visibility on the road.

The Saint Lucia Fire Service has said that although it is at pains to let citizens know that they first need to obtain permission to burn trash, the pleas continue to fall on deaf ears.

Officials have said that starting unauthorized fires to burn bush or trash constitutes an offence.

The fire at Carielle occurred after 7PM along the back road leading to Morne du Don, according to reports.

One resident blamed landowners who have left their property virtually abandoned, with the result that persons use it to dump garbage and debris.

The Saint Lucia Fire Service was able to put out the fire at Carielle after a few minutes.