PM: Chastanet backed Restore Confidence

Prime Minister Doctor Kenny Anthony, asserting that he does not have blood on his hands, has said  that Allen Chastanet, as Minister of Tourism, felt  that Operation Restore Confidence was good for tourism.

Anthony was addressing a crowd of ruling party supporters last night.

He said of Chastanet, who is now the leader of the opposition United Workers Party (UWP):

“The same Chastanet was in that cabinet along with Guy Mayers when they introduced Operation restore Confidence.”

According to Anthony, the UWP leader is as responsible for what happened as Guy Mayers, the current Chairman of the UWP, who was the Minister of National Security at the time of Operation Restore Confidence.

However the Prime Minister asserted that Guy Mayers must take full responsibility for Operation Restore Confidence because he was the one who ensured its implementation.

“I I have never given the Police instructions to cut down Saint Lucians,” Anthony declared.

He said he does not have to issue such instructions because the police know that as far as the current labour administration is concerned, whatever they do must be in accordance with the law.

Anthony accused the UWP of having brought the reputation of Saint Lucia to “rock bottom” when that party was in government.

He stated that the UWP had hurt Saint Lucia’s relationship with the United States of America.

“For the first time in the history of Saint Lucia we had a government that did something that caused the US to put sanctions on our police force,” Anthony told the crowd.

He asserted:

“They are the ones who initiated Operation Restore Confidence. They are the ones responsible for the so called extra judicial killings.”

Twelve persons were shot and killed by the police between 2010 and 2011 during the police operation, which was implemented at the height of a local crime wave.

A report prepared by a team of Jamaican investigators said, among other things, that the police had a death list and planted weapons on suspects to justify their actions.