New furniture for Owen King EU Hospital‏

 Transitioning efforts to the Owen King EU (OWEU) Hospital are progressing at a steady pace following the official naming ceremony of the hospital  on February 21st 2016.

Familiarization tours have since been conducted with members of the media, the St. Lucia Medical and Dental Association, staff of the Ministry of Health as well as nurses and doctors of the Victoria Hospital who were looking into the finer details in preparation for full occupation.

 Last week Monday to Friday suppliers for the high end beds and furniture for outfitting the Owen King EU Hospital visited the facility to make final assessments and logistical arrangements for the smooth implementation of their projects.

 Darren Staples from the company Unit Exports in England is one of the contractors for the new hospital.

 “We are supplying the fixed furniture for prep rooms and all rest areas and we are also supplying storage furniture for medical records and we’re also supplying janitorial equipment, the maintenance workshop equipment for supporting services. We’re currently consolidating allot of equipment in the UK in various warehouses for the maintenance equipment and the fixed furniture we are having custom built presently at a factory in the UK. So we are here today to visit and assess what we can do for the installation.”

 Staples indicated that the furniture his company is supplying will not only be highly reliable but durable as they are working alongside a high-end UK manufacturer through a Health Technical Memorandum which is very specific for hospital use.

 When asked his impressions of the OKEU Hospital he said, “It is very impressive. I spend allot of time working in UK Hospitals, this is very up-to-date, very smart.”

 Project Engineer at the OKEU Hospital, Wendell Bernard acknowledged that outfitting the hospital with furniture on equipment is a huge task as the hospital measures roughly 14,500 sq metres.

 “So far we have Makiba and Unit Exports two contracting firms. Makiba will be supping the beds and all the furniture and accessories for the beds and Unit Exports will be providing us with our cupboards storage racks and all the maintenance units for the facility.”

 Bernard said Makiba will supply the hospital in excess of the required 122 beds including furniture for nurses and doctors offices as well as conference room furniture throughout the hospital.

The intention Bernard stated is for the hospital to be outfitted with brand new furniture and equipment from the suppliers in preparation for eventual commissioning of the facility.

 “We’re hoping that in the next few weeks and months that we are going to get more persons coming in to do even more assessments because we have allot more than what the two suppliers on island are giving us.”

 The OKEU Hospital is expected to be officially opened to the public later this year.