Stakeholders concerned about Marigot Bay

The Marigot Water Taxi and Vendors Association, Marigot Development Commitee and Stakeholders in Marigot Bay are becoming increasingly frustrated in the lack of progress, after their efforts to improve La Bas Beach are largely being ignored by the government agencies that are tasked with addressing these issues

The situation has been going on for some time and despite meetings and appeals to  government departments, there is still no progress in the enforcement of licenses, regular cleaning of the beach, the building of toilet facilities and the stopping of harassment of tourists.

Some licensed vendors have actually given up and left the beach due to harassment from these same unlicensed vendors.

One member of the Vendors Association said “The government paints a picture of wanting to help the small businessman, but when it comes down to it our needs are ignored. We have had meetings with various agencies all have made promises but none have been forthcoming, things are progressively getting worse, we feel we are being undermined by the government and are wondering who do we speak too”

“Marigot Bay is an iconic landmark used to advertise the  Island to tourists, yet it is turning into a place, where soon, those same tourists will not want to go. We  are appealing to the government to do something before it is too late and Marigot Beach becomes a no go area”.