WASCO: reminder of system shutdown

The Water and Sewerage Company Inc. (WASCO) wishes to remind the public that on Tuesday (tomorrow) March 22, 2016, it will ‘shut-down’ the water supply from the John Compton Dam
which serves the north of the island. This shut-down is to facilitate important maintenance and repair work on the raw water line of the John Compton Dam Water Supply System.

The shut-down will commence at 6:00 AM and will continue for the rest of the day.  The water supply will be restored at or before 6:00 AM on Wednesday March 23, 2016. The supply to
customers at the extreme ends of the network and at high elevations will normalise within 24 -48  hours following the re-opening of the supply.

The public is advised to ensure that an adequate supply of water is stored to enable the performance of their activities for the day.

WASCO apologises for any inconvenience this may cause.