Hazardous sidewalks a cause for concern

Hazardous sidewalks have become a concern for the President of the Saint Lucia Vendors Association, Peter ‘Ras Ipa’ Isaac.

Isaac expressed renewed concern about the hazardous sidewalks after a cruise ship visitor on Sunday fell into a gutter by the Castries Market.

Eyewitnesses told the Times that the visitor was not seriously hurt, but had to return to the ship because of having dirty water splashed all over his clothing.

A barricade was subsequently put up at the scene of the mishap but had been moved the following day.

A metal covering had also been replaced over the drain where the mishap occurred.

Vendors Association President, Peter Isaac, told the Times that he was very concerned about the incident.


“I have spoken to and had some meetings with SLASPA and the Castries Constituency Council. Some of the slabs are very slippery and some have spaces between them and a number of persons have gotten hurt. There are times when we have had to call the ambulance,” Isaac explained.

He said the hazardous sidewalks have been the cause of injury to locals and visitors alike.

There have been instances where improperly positioned concrete slabs have shifted under the weight of pedestrians, sending them into the gutter below or trapping their legs between slabs.

“A man fell on his face two weeks ago,” Isaac disclosed, adding that there is need for the sidewalks to be properly maintained and for the spaced between some concrete slabs over gutters to be reexamined.