Opposition leader congratulates Ambassador Soomer

Leader of the Opposition Dr. Gale T C Rigobert has offered congratulations to Ambassador June Soomer on her appointment as Secretary General of the Association of Caribbean States.

“The ACS has benefitted from a tradition of strong leadership at its helm. I have every confidence that Dr. Sooner is well poised to build on that legacy and make her own mark”, Doctor Rigobert said.

According to her, “The ACS continues to struggle through a seemingly crowded field of regional organizations to distinguish itself and to fulfill its mandate. This has been an uphill battle as member states, with limited resources, are forced to prioritize and gauge their level of commitment and participation based on perceived benefits”.

Dr. Rigobert is especially keen to see further strides being made by the ACS to resolve the longstanding issues regarding intra-regional transportation.

Dr. Rigobert wishes Ambassador Soomer, the first woman appointed to this position, every success in her new endeavors.