PM unveils plans for major highway project

A major highway project is in the pipeline for Saint Lucia, Prime Minister Doctor Kenny Anthony has disclosed.

He told a public meeting of the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) on Sunday night that the government has long been speaking about a highway connecting the North, going through the Babonneau area straight down into Dennery on the East Coast.

“They tell me it’s a pipe dream,” Anthony said.

However he asserted that he was getting closer to realizing the  highway project.

Anthony revealed that the Ministry of Infrastructure will finally be getting the consultancy report.

He said that some time last year he wrote to British Prime Minister, David Cameron, urging that Britain change its support for the Caribbean and give this part the world more support.

Anthony revealed:

“The Prime Minister wrote me back and he said to me that he agreed with me – that the British government would change its position and late last year they announced that they will give the Caribbean a grant of three hundred million pounds for infrastructure projects.”

The Prime Minister said that Saint Lucia’s share is forty million pounds.

“That is the money that we are earmarking to construct that road from Gros Islet in the North to Dennery,” Anthony declared.

He said of the highway project:

“That’s my vision and before I lay down, before I put my head to rest I want to be sure that everything is in place for that highway for the people of this country.”