RISE (St. Lucia) Inc to host empowerment workshop

RISE (St. Lucia) Inc will be hosting an empowerment workshop aimed for social workers, counsellors and other professionals who are currently working with victims of domestic and other violence in group settings and individual counselling sessions.

The workshop will highlight an empowerment approach used to support and encourage victims of violence to cope with abuse, create a safety plan whilst at the same time developing their self-esteem. This approach is built upon post-victimisation assistance from the provision of adequate psycho social assistance and services. It also places the agent of changes within the victim.

The objective of the workshop is to build the capacity of professionals working with these victims through enhancing their skills and assist in providing their clients with relevant long-term support service in the post victimisation stage.

The workshop is scheduled for Thursday 24th March 2016 in the Bay Gardens Hotel Conference Room, from 8.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.

The facilitator of the workshop is Dr Marilia Lohmann-Couri, a Brazilian Clinical Psychologist who has developed the empowerment approach and has successfully applied it to many of her clients in Brazil. The training will comprise experimental exercises and information sharing with interactive participation.

It is anticipated that the training will have a follow up session within two months for participants to share and report on the implementation of the model within their workplaces.