UWP Treasurer blasts PM over IMPACS

UWP Treasurer, Nancy Charles, has taken Prime Minister Doctor Kenny Anthony to task, over claims that certain persons gave orders to the police to cut down Saint Lucians.

Anthony made the claim during a political meeting of his ruling party on Sunday at Babonneau, during which he asserted that he did not have blood on his hands.

UWP Treasurer, Nancy Charles, has said that her party is very concerned about Anthony’s comments.

“What Saint Lucians must never forget is that IMPACS is the baby of Kenny Anthony because the UWP has nothing to do with IMPACS,” Charles told a news conference today.

She recalled that it was Doctor Kenny Anthony, when in opposition, who said that there was a death list that he had seen.

The UWP Treasurer observed that it was Anthony who as Prime Minister, invited Jamaican investigators here to launch the IMPACS probe into alleged extra-judicial killings by some Saint Lucian police officers.

The killings occurred between 2010 and 2011 during the anti-crime campaign dubbed – Operation Restore Confidence (ORC).

Nancy Charles told today’s news conference that Doctor Kenny Anthony had brought the Jamaican investigators here to investigate a criminal matter.

She said:

“This is the same Prime Minister who continues to emphasize whenever he needs a cop out, that there is a difference between the judiciary and the executive, yet still he was the one who instigated a criminal investigation which should have been done by the DP and the judiciary by extension”.

Charles observed that it was Anthony who amended the laws to allow the IMPACS investigation, and received the report based on the probe which should have been handed to the DPP.

On March 8, 2015, Anthony had read excerpts of the report of the IMPACS investigation during a nationally televised address.

The UWP Treasurer accused the Prime Minister of disclosing bits and pieces of the report to members of the public at his whim and fancy, implicating people without a shred of evidence.

“He calls out the names of people publicly on the political platform,” Charles said.

She declared:

“We are saying to the Prime Minister, did you now know that Guy Mayers was solely responsible for anything that transpired in Operation Restore Confidence before you addressed the nation? Did you not know that Mr.Mayers was being implicated in any way to have that report submitted so that the law could have taken its course?”

Charles also questioned why the name of Mayers, the National Security Minister at the time of Operation Restore Confidence, was being mentioned only after he became Chairman of the UWP.

She said the report was presented to the Prime Minister who indicated that he had discussed it with members of his cabinet and passed the document to the DPP.

However she observed that the evidence was never presented to the DPP.

“It was said that the evidence was too sensitive to be given to the DPP, but we now hear that the evidence is not even in Saint Lucia,” Charles asserted, adding that the evidence is in Jamaica with the investigators.

She observed that under such circumstances, how does one expect that the DPP could prosecute.

Charles said that as a leader and a lawyer, the Prime Minister needs to stop going on political platforms and calling people’s names and provide the opposition with a copy of the IMPACS report so that they can act accordingly.



  1. Anonymous
    July 13, 2016 at 11:06 am

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  2. Sad-But-True
    July 13, 2016 at 11:34 am

    We need to deport all Indians.

  3. Sad-But-True
    July 13, 2016 at 11:36 am

    And it appears the UWP still believes they are the Opposition.

  4. Boujon Guiyave
    July 13, 2016 at 1:52 pm

    Try as you may chancy you cannot shift blame from the UWP to SLP in relation to this matter. IMPACS was a necessary process to repair the damage caused by ORC. I I urge you and your UWP to allow the course of events to take its natural course