Zandoli International Foundation gets lawsuit threat

Zandoli International Foundation has received a threat of a lawsuit from its former Communications Director, Robert Williams.

The threat was contained in a letter to the Chief Executive Officer of the foundation, Camille St Omer, from Attorney at Law, Gerard R. Williams.

“Our client instructs that during a recent, and what appeared to be a successful trip to Saint Lucia for the purposes of promoting the Foundation’s objectives, you, in a rather clandestine and unceremonious manner, terminated his services without communicating your reasons to him,” the letter asserts.

It said that Norbert Williams  and the rest of the became aware of the apparent reasons following  the Zandoli International Foundation internet release captioned “Zandoli Reveals Response to Government of St. Lucia Regarding Mr. Williams” dated the 16th March, 2016.

“Quite apart from your method of publication, we take issue with the allegations arising out of your publication which were specifically designed to call our client’s name into question and to further bring his character into disrepute,” the letter observed.

It cited a number of accusations made by Zandoli International Foundation’s Chief Executive Officer against the former Communications Director, including the organization’s policies.

“A more alarming concern surrounds the unsubstantiated allegations which have been made by you, and denied by our client who instructs that his actions were evidently sanctioned by you,” the letter noted.

It said expressions were deliberate and intended to imply that during the course of his duties that Norbert Williams’ alleged misconduct was to the extent that it threatened the integrity of the Foundation.

According to the letter, a further statement published by St Omer  you goes on to suggest that he has committed the act of impersonating  her in the capacity of CEO of the Foundation.

“Your words were uttered maliciously and spitefully knowing that they were false or, for the very least, were reckless as to whether they were true or false. Consequently, your statements have seriously damaged the reputation and character of our client in the eyes of upstanding individuals with whom our client engages with, and has further brought him into public scandal, odium and contempt,” the letter said.

It demanded on behalf of Williams, that St Omer with immediate effect, issue a written retraction of what was described as “your reckless allegations.”

The letter also demanded a written apology to be published through every medium employed by St Omer, including the press, blogs, web sites and email distribution lists.

“We also demand the removal of all postings of the offending publications within your control. We urge you to take this matter seriously as the effects of your statements have far reaching consequences,” the letter said.

It added:

“We look forward to your strict compliance. Should you fail to retract, remove, and apologize as demanded, be advised that legal proceedings for the tort of libel will be instituted against you without further reference to you.”

The letter was copied to the leader of the Opposition, Doctor Gale Rigobert, Ministry of Health, Wellness, Human Services and Gender Relations, Alvina Reynolds, and various media houses.