St. Jude Hospital urges dialogue

St Jude Hospital regrets the notice of intended industrial action that has been issued by the National Workers Union.

St Jude Hospital deeply values its employees and is committed to adhering to the laws of natural justice with regard to disciplinary matters.

The Labour Code provides clearly defined processes for dealing with industrial disputes.

The hospital is prepared to utilize all available channels in its efforts to resolve any and all union issues.

St Jude Hospital does not believe that a public hospital that serves forty-two percent of the St Lucian population should be held hostage on every occasion that an industrial relations matter arises.

The current dispute between St Jude Hospital and the National Workers Union is one of several issues that the hospital has attempted to address with the NWU over the past several months.

The hospital has formally sought the assistance of the Ministry of Labour in order to resolve these outstanding industrial relations issues.

St Jude Hospital is prepared to continue along those lines, working in concert with NWU and the Ministry of Labour.