Kidnapping and Rape in Vieux Fort

A kidnapping and rape has been reported in Vieux Fort.

Reliable sources have told the Times that the incident occurred on Wednesday of last week at about 10PM in the area of the Vieux Fort mall.

According to information, a male individual and his female companion were sitting in their vehicle when two armed men rushed up to them and forced the man to drive to Castries.

Once in the City, the man is reported to have been tied up and bundled into the trunk of the vehicle.

The vehicle was then driven to a secluded area where the woman was raped.

After the criminals made their escape, the woman is believed to have let her male companion out of the trunk of the vehicle.

They later made a report to the police.

Sources have indicated that the kidnapping and rape bear a striking resemblance to one recently in which a male employee of Courts Saint Lucia Limited and his female companion were ambushed at Bois Chadon.

The man, who was chopped several times about the body and tied to a tree, succumbed to his injuries.

However the woman, aside from sustaining some injuries, was not raped, it is reported.

Two men are reported to have committed the crime.

The frequency of armed attacks and sexual assault have struck fear into the hearts of many Saint Lucians and created a sense of outrage that criminals appear to be able to act with impunity.

Earlier this week a young woman was raped in the presence of her one year old child in the North of the Island.

The latest incident in Vieux Fort involving the kidnapping and rape came to the attention of the Times through a tip from a reader.

The incident has been confirmed by a very reliable source.