Sick child: Mother appeals for help !

A distraught mother has launched an appeal for help to obtain urgent medical attention for  a sick child.

Lisa Browne, 34, of Micoud, has said that her son, Randell, is suffering from a bleeding disorder with which he was diagnosed since the age of six months.

The boy is now nine years old, Browne disclosed.

The mother told the Times that the sick child has been hospitalized several times.

Browne explained that the nine year old cannot walk properly and has been away from classes at the Micoud Primary school for the past month as his condition continues to deteriorate.

“He has to go for treatment in Martinique but the cost is ten thousand dollars, so for that I am begging the public to give a helping hand,” the mother told the Times.

She said persons wishing to assist financially can make a contribution to Scotia Bank account # 63476.


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