Top 10 Longest Sixes in International Cricket

Top 10 Longest sixes in international Cricket: In the modern era, with the dominance of intensified brute force, big hits rather sixes are a pretty common scenario in the game. And there are a huge number of gigantic hitters of the ball who are capable of clearing the ground by miles! We often get the data about the longest sixes in a particular match or rather in a tournament. But are we aware of the longest sixes in international cricket? Well, no need to raise your brows! In this very article, we are going to summarize the

Top 10 Longest sixes in international Cricket:

10. MS Dhoni 112 metres:

It was being hit in 2011-12 in the Commonwealth Bank Series in a match against Australia. The six was hit towards the long off region, one of the biggest boundaries and it cleared the long off boundaries with ease and was 112 metres long. It was being hit in the last over of the second innings of the match with India requiring 12 runs of the last 4 deliveries. It was a classy helicopter shot from the skipper. And quite obviously, MS Dhoni does feature further higher up in this least.

9. Ijaz Ahmed – 115 metres:

Ijaz Ahmed is a former cricketer from Pakistan and unfortunately, he deserved furthermore fame than what he received during his cricketing days. Pakistan was playing England in 1999 and in the tensed chase, Ijaz did hit a whipping hit that cleared the stadium and a new ball had to be brought in. Pakistan had hit two sixes in the match and both of them were hit by Ijaz Ahmed.

8. Corey Anderson – 120metres:

The record holder for striking the second fastest century in ODI cricket did hit a monstrous hit on the delivery from Ishant Sharma in January-February, 2014 when India toured New Zealand. New Zealand was batting first and the hit from Anderson in the 40th over of the innings sailed onto the roof of Napier’s stands. It was close to 120 metres in length and New Zealand managed to reach to a total of 292 runs in the match.

7. Chris Gayle:

Well, the master of hammering batting comes in the list now. The big Jamaican struck one of the longest sixes in international cricket in the match against India in the ICC World T20 in 2010. The match was being played in Barbados and Gayle quite genuinely and clearly cleared the big boundary and it went far from the ground. Yusuf Pathan was the victim for the hit.

6. Shahid Afridi:

During Pakistan’s tour to Australia in 2005, Shahid Khan Afridi managed to hit a monstrous hit at Perth on 30th January. Not only did the ball clear the boundary, but also went to the second tier of the stands. It was indeed one of the most impressive hits that still remains as one of the biggest hits in international cricket. Pakistan was on the chase and it was struck on the 42nd over of the innings.

5. MS Dhoni:

As expected, for yet another time, the Indian skipper of the shorter formats appears in the list and this time with an even bigger hit. It was the match between India and New Zealand in March, 2009 and India, batting first were in path to set up a gigantic score. Just then, in the 44th over of the innings, MS Dhoni stood and delivered his signature helicopter shot and the ball, like a trace of bullet sailed deep into the stands of the long off region.

4. Mark Waugh:

One of the most elegant batsmen Australia have ever produced, Mark Waugh does make his presence in the list with a majestic hit against the Kiwi spinner, Daniel Vettori in November, 1997 during the second test of New Zealand’s tour to Australia. On a tossed up delivery, Vettori invited Mark to hit and he did accept the challenge and managed to hit a monstrous hit straight over the bowler’s head.

3. Yuvraj Singh 119metres:

Well, it is least surprising that Yuvraj Singh’s name is stringed to sixes. The player to hit six sixes in an over in International T20 has hit plenty of sixes. He is perhaps the only player who could clear the ground with a slight flick of the wrists. In the match against Australia in September, 2007, Yuvraj did hit a monstrous hit which, to him was a flick towards the leg. And he had hit this against one of the fastest pacers in international cricket, Brett Lee.

2. Shahid Afridi:

1. Albert Trott:

The supreme spot in the list is perhaps the oldest in this list. Albert Trott was a player for both England and Australia in the late 1800s. In 1899, he did hit a six that cleared the pavilion of the Lord’s Cricket Ground. As a matter of fact, no other player in the history of cricket, hasn’t managed to clear the iconic building and thus even after a century, this six still remains as the best and biggest hit in international cricket, owing to its iconic significance.