Alleged rape attempt on sixty year old

An alleged rape attempt on a sixty year old woman was foiled on Good Friday in the community of Saltibus.

The woman, speaking on condition of anonymity, told the Times she was heading home from the hairdresser with the intention of going to church later.

She recalled that the time was about 5:30PM.

According to the woman in the alleged rape attempt, a man jumped out of the bushes and attempted to drag her into some bushes near a building that serves as a church.


She said another man was lurking in the bushes.

She recalled struggling with her assailant, eventually falling to the ground while the attacker had managed to pull her bag from her.

The woman recounted that at that time, she saw a vehicle approaching.

“I got up and ran to it – my hands on my head and I am screaming, please help me! Help me! The guy wants to bring me under the church to rape me. Please!” The alleged victim told the Times.

She said the vehicle stopped and a young man alighted and addressed her by name, whereupon she pointed out her assailant.

She recalled that the others in the vehicle told her that her face was bleeding, which she did not even realize.

The alleged victim explained that the driver of the vehicle began approaching the assailant slowly, but said she could not remember exactly what happened as she was in a daze.

However she remembered that other vehicles converged on the scene, by which time her assailant had been tied up.

The other who had been lurking in the bushes was also held when he came out to investigate what the commotion was all about, it is reported.


The woman disclosed that although he was tied up, the one who had attacked her began swearing and  issuing threats.

“He said he already had a warrant for nine months; he know he will go to jail but he will come for the guys you know, so many things he said,” the alleged victim told the Times.

The woman said the attacker obviously knew her as he mentioned one of her daughters.

She estimated that he had to be in his early thirties.

“The plan they had was that both of them would rape me and kill me because I know them,” she asserted.

She disclosed:

“Whilst he tied up some of the boys knock him I said ‘please for my sake don’t beat him; don’t raise your hands on him’”.

The woman also recalled that a member of her family threatened to kill the attacker once the attacker got out of jail.

Remembering her ordeal, she said:

“I said my Lord is that the way I should die on Good Friday? It was my intention to go to church and worship you that Friday afternoon because I almost completed my retreat and I had a joy in my heart to go to church.”

Despite the incident, the woman in the alleged rape attempt managed to strike a humorous note.

“I started walking up the road I said I wanted to urinate but thank God I didn’t. You know when the boy held me, the pee went up. It went up. Later after six before I went to hospital, I went to urinate.


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