Community Leaders Must Hold Men Accountable for Male Violence Against Women

Tuesday, 29 March 2016: Castries, St. Lucia– Over the past months, weeks and days we have been horrified by the number of incidences of rape. These horrific acts appear deliberate and calculated to bring fear to the female population in light of the frequency and gruesomeness of the attacks.

The latest attacks where a young woman was violated in the presence of her infant and the kidnapping and a rape of a young woman has renewed concerns about the continuing violence towards women in Saint Lucia, regardless of their culture, race or class.

Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia Inc unequivocally condemns these violent acts, it is clear that violence against women knows no class or cultural boundaries and much work remains to be done.

We strongly urge all stakeholders i.e. the Media, RSLPF,

Department of Human Services & Gender Relations, Women

Support Shelter, Saint Lucia Red Cross Society, Saint Lucia Crisis Center and all NGO’s and religious institutions to step-up and condemn this behavior and stand firm with women in their struggles to end violence.

Although there have been some responses from community and country leaders condemning this form of violence, these attacks require a more comprehensive response. We all need to speak out against male violence and publicly condemn violence against women and hold men accountable.