Cultural Education courses at the FRC

The Harold Simmons Folk Academy of the Folk Research Centre will offer the following courses for the new academic year of April 2016 – March 2017:

  1. Kwéyòl language: reading and writing St. Lucian Kwéyòl.
  2. St. Lucian traditional dance.
  3. St. Lucian traditional music.
  4. Painting the culture of St. Lucia – art.
  5. St. Lucian traditional crafts.
  6. Story-telling and folk drama.
  7. The history of St. Lucian culture.
  8. Kwéyòl cuisine.

Tutors have been identified and curricula have been prepared. Those interested in signing up for these courses may contact the Folk Research Centre (4522279). Registration forms will be available at the Castries Central Library and the offices of the Cultural Development Foundation (CDF).

A minimum of twelve students is required for the course to be offered.