Day of fasting and prayer for Babonneau

Saturday, April 2, 2016, has been declared a day of prayer and fasting for the community of Babonneau.

MP for the area, Alvina Reynolds made the announcement today at a news conference.

She was accompanied by several religious leaders from the community which has been rocked by a spate of tragedies including two recent murders of residents of the area and a number of suicides.

Reynolds expressed her gratitude to the religious leaders for their endorsement of the activity, which she disclosed would be one of several aimed at reviving the spirituality of Babonneau and bringing it back to being a loving, caring, peaceful community.

During the day of prayer from 9:00AM to 6:00PM, all churches in the community will be open.

The MP for the area suggested that if persons cannot attend church, they can pray and fast privately.

“We have as a Babonneau family to embrace each other and that calls for prayer,” Reynolds told today’s news conference.

She acknowledged that some people would question the prayer initiative to address a social problem.

But she echoed the words of the religious leaders at the press conference that at times persons may rationalize and use their intellect.

However Reynolds asserted that there is always the spiritual aspect.

“That is critical because we are whollistic beings, we are spirit, physical and we have a mind, so we need to speak to the spirit and we need the spirit of God to speak to the spirit of man, woman and child in this constituency,” the MP declared.

Reynolds recalled that she had invited the Pastors on Good Friday and within about two hours they had arrived to plan strategies to address Babonneau’s social ills.

“If people cannot come to the church, where they may be on that day they can fast and pray within their heart and spirit,” the MP, who is a devout Catholic said.

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