Teenagers arrested with stolen goods

Two teenagers arrested with stolen goods, are expected to be taken before the courts shortly.

The duo, aged sixteen and seventeen, are alleged to have broken into one of the beach side shops opposite theĀ George F.L Charles airport.



The alleged incident occurred on Saturday, according to reports.

The owner of the business place told the Times that it appears as though the young burglars first forced open a window of the shop, only to discover that behind the wooden window were burglar bars.

According to her, the teenagers arrested with the stolen goods then removed part of the wooden side of the business place. The opening has since been boarded up with a piece of plywood.


She explained that the smaller of the two may have been able to enter through the opening that was created and apparently passed stuff to the other who was waiting outside.

The business owner disclosed that the two, believed to be from Ciceron, walked away with groceries, cutlery and other items.

She told the Times that the young men were arrested by the police who spotted them walking along the Vigie stretch, stopped them and asked them to account for the bags of groceries they were carrying at about 3:AM in the morning.

They had apparently also attempted to break into another shop but seemed to have abandoned their effort when they encountered burglar bars behind the closed wooden window which they managed to force open.



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