Police warn against vigilante justice

Saint Lucia Police have issued a warning to citizens against taking the law into their own hands.

The warning comes in the face of a number of reports of rapes in several parts of the country.

Local media reports indicate that on Good Friday there was an alleged attempt by two men to rape a sixty year old woman.

After the woman raised an alarm, a group of men passing in a vehicle managed to apprehend the alleged attackers who were dealt several blows by their captors.

Police Commissioner designate, Severin Moncherry, who takes over as Police Chief on April 1, 2016, has advised members of the public that their role is to get the police and not mete out vigilante justice.

“You can hold the person if there is some way of securing him,” Moncherry advised.

However he said it is not the role of citizens to beat anyone or inflict punishment of any kind.

“Let the police deal with the matter,” Moncherry asserted.

Addressing the matter of the generally perceived slow pace of justice, the police official, who is currently Acting Deputy Police Commissioner, said there is nothing that law enforcers can do in terms of expediting the process.

“When we have done our part in arresting charging and taking the person before court, that is as much as we can do,” he disclosed.

He said neighborhood watches represent one aspect of community policing that the police support and encourage.

Moncherry asserted that neighborhood watches can be and have been very effective.

But he warned against vigilante justice.