Religious leader: Babonneau has spiritual problem

A local religious leader has asserted that Babonneau, which has seen the recent murder of two of its residents plus a spate of suicides and robberies, has a spiritual problem.

Herbert Robert Marquis of the Babonneau Deliverance Pentecostal Church asserted that as the people of the community turn to God, the problem will be solved.

“We are encouraging everybody to come out and pray because we know that God can do the work for us,” Marquis told a news conference yesterday to announce a day of fasting and prayer for Babonneau.

The day designated is Saturday, April 2, 2016, when all churches in the community are expected to be open to facilitate the initiative which will run from 9:AM to 6:PM.

The religious leader was one of several at the news conference endorsing the day of fasting and prayer.

Marquis said of Babonneau:

“It is a beautiful community and we want to pray for it because too many things are happening that are not godly.”

The religious leaders were joined at the news conference by Babonneau MP, Alvina Reynolds.

Reynolds announced that the day of fasting and prayer will be one of a number of initiatives aimed at addressing the community’s social ills and restoring Babonneau’s spirit of peace, love and community togetherness.