Tobago students on education trip here

A group of Tobago students is currently in Saint Lucia on an education trip to further their study of Geography.

The delegation from the Bishop’s High school will be here for a week, leaving on Friday.

Ann Second, the Vice Principal of the school who is here with the students told the Times that the visit is aimed at helping the youngsters apply theoretical aspects of their syllabus to the real world.

Second disclosed that originally they had chosen Brazil, but were forced to change their plans because of the Zika virus threat.

Despite the change of plan, the Tobago educator described the trip here as being beautiful and productive.

“We received more information than we would have anticipated,” Second told the Times.

The Tobago students, aged fourteen to sixteen, are in form four.

The entire group numbers twenty-five, including Second, another teacher and two parents.

The Vice Principal said of the trip:

“It is critical for this generation of children because when we were kids, we could have learned by simply taking our text books and reading them; but these children are the digital natives – they have to touch and experience to really be able to excel.”

She asserted that there was an added benefit to the trip, in that it fosters Caribbean integration and assists with the sense of identity and pride of the visitors.