ECCO closes two major deals in Grenada

ECCO, the Eastern Caribbean Collective Organization for Music Rights, has closed deals with two radio stations in Grenada.

The General Manager of the Saint Lucia based ECCO, Steve Etienne, disclosed that Boss FM and Real FM have signed up with the organization.

Etienne described the deals as important.

He told the Times that the two stations did not only become the first to comply, but they also play a high proportion of local music.

The ECCO General Manager explained that in the case Real FM, the station boasts a local content ratio of eighty percent.


“It means that monies collected in Grenada will be paid out based on logs,” Etienne said.

He observed that ECCO has been doing a lot of marketing, public relations and other groundwork that is beginning to bear fruit.

Etienne revealed that in Grenada, the organization has licensed some major users, including Sandals.

However he described the licensing of the two radio stations as very significant and important.

The ECCO General Manager told the Times that in the next few weeks there will be more revelations from his organization on major licensing agreements, particularly in the cable sector.

He asserted that licensing major events means that the agency’s revenue will substantially increase, with the result that operating expenses will be reduced and there will be more cash available for members.

Etienne said while the music rights organization takes care of royalties, musicians must ensure that their work is played and performed.

“If your music is not performed, it does not matter what revenues ECCO collects there will be nothing for you if your music is not played,” he disclosed.

Etienne said the organization is hoping to focus less on litigation as major players come on board for licensing, and more on assisting members to market their content.