Mary Francis blasts hypocrisy on rape

Claiming that mixed messages are being sent on the issue of rape, Human Rights Activist, Mary Francis, has told the Times that she is offended by the hypocrisy surrounding the issue.

Francis asserted that Saint Lucia is a small society and there are people in high office who should be embarrassed by the national concern over the spate of rapes in the country.

“When you look at it some people in high places have been involved in the same kind of behavior,” the outspoken Attorney at Law told the Times.

She expressed the view that in such a situation mixed messages are being sent to the society.

“I am offended by this type of double standard,” Francis declared.

She asserted that Saint Lucia has lost its soul.

According to the Human Rights Activist, in a situation of loss of hope, a type of insanity begins to engulf the society and is manifested in indifference, lack of commitment, loose morals and the worst kind of behavior.

Noting that rape is a crime of aggression, Francis said it also speaks to the powerlessness and hopelessness of the perpetrators.

“I think they are taking out this powerlessness that they feel in a reverse situation in attacks on women because it is their way of responding to a society that has marginalized them,” Francis told the Times.

She advocated steps to engage men in programmes in all the communities to help address the problem by teaching them that such behaviour is wrong.

Francis also expressed the view that when perpetrators are caught, they should be subject to psychological evaluation to know what is going through their minds.

Pointing to the discussion of gay marriage, the Human Rights Activist said: “Our morals are gone!”

She said there was need for the country to regain the morals that should underpin the society.

“It cannot be a free for all and whatever the big countries do we jump to it,” Francis declared.