SLP claims concerted attack on its platform

The General Secretary of the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP), Leo Clarke, has cited what he says  seems to be a concerted attack on the SLP and  the quality of its platform, describing it as an injustice.

He urged those who have not been in attendance at ruling party political meetings to attend and record  proceedings.

Clarke explained that in this way, they would not be fed through second hand sources with a narrow perspective on things he considers to be part of the banter normally associated with political parties.

“We end up for weeks making much ado about rightly naming the nationality of candidates on the other side, or even comments about the stature of height of candidates that become preoccupations that become prolonged newscast after newscast,” the SLP General Secretary said.

It was an obvious reference to recent comments by SLP Deputy Political Leader, Philip J. Pierre, in reference to Dominic Fedee – the opposition United Workers Party (UWP) candidate for Anse La Raye/ Canaries.

During a ruling party political meeting, Pierre had called attention to Fedee’s Guyanese nationality and referred to Fedee’s “short self”.

However Leo Clarke declared that as a political party the SLP does not engage in denigrating persons who oppose the party.

Nevertheless he asserted that the SLP does engage, as part of the culture of local politics, in making fun of candidates as they make fun of members of the ruling party.

“For one to single out the fact that the candidate for the UWP in Anse La Raye/Canaries was called short, and he is short, and to think that represents being against short people, I don’t know the logic or how one arrives at the conclusion that to rightly refer to the fact that he is Guyanese is an indication that the Labour Party has something about Guyanese,” the SLP General Secretary told the news conference.

He declared that there is nothing in the history of the SLP or the way it has conducted business in this country to suggest that.

“The way that it has hosted persons from all parts of the region in this country. Nobody can point to any actions of the labour government that suggest it has any issues with any foreign national in this country,” Clarke said.

He told the news conference it was unfair for anyone to “cherry pick” an issue or a moment of banter from a political platform and make it the central theme of newscasts day after day.

“I think it is patently unfair, and we as a party we call on you to judge our platform with a more objective look,” Clarke said, adding that SLP political meetings are filled with substance.



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