Zandoli launches new free app

Cary, North Carolina, March 30, 2016– Zandoli International Foundation is pleased to present to the public the new free Zandoli app, that can be downloaded on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices.

The application is available for download here.  Persons may keep track of all Zandoli efforts via the new app.

It includes the Foundation blog which features Zandoli news and events, both Zandoli USA (ZUSA) and Zandoli International Foundation (ZIF) Facebook pages, the Zandoli YouTube page, and link to volunteer or participate in Zandoli projects.

The app was launched in anticipation of the upcoming Zandoli STEM Incubator, for persons who desire to keep up with the progress of this and other Foundation initiatives.

The STEM Incubator which offers free training in Astronomy, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Geophysics, Cyber Security, Data Science, Computer Engineering, Machine Learning, Robotics, Statistics, and Algorithms is part of an effort to develop and contribute a unique and in-demand skill-set to the Saint Lucian, and international workforce.

There is no fee to download the app.

To download the app, follow the installation instructions by adding it to your homescreen.   The app is expected to appear in the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store in the near future.