SLP endorses calls for debates

The Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) has noted the interest of some civil society groups and media houses to host debates in the lead up to the 2016 General Elections. Our Party has always supported the concept of structured debates that allow candidates to discuss the policies of their respective parties and share with the electorate their own plans for their constituents.

Consistent with our policy, the SLP endorses the call for structured debates at the constituency and national levels between the candidates who will be contesting the 2016 General Elections. In order to ensure structure and coherence to the proposed debates, the Saint Lucia Labour Party proposes that one independent organization, such as the Open Campus of the University of the West Indies, be charged with the responsibility for organising and hosting the debates, including deciding on the moderators for the debates after consultation with the respective parties.

The Saint Lucia Labour Party believes that priority be given to debates at the national level, which should be focused on the policy proposals and the plans of the respective parties for advancing the development of our country.

Should the Open Campus agree to organise and host such debates, each political party could select a representative to begin discussions with the Open Campus on the structure, format and themes of the debates well ahead of the date of General Elections.

The Saint Lucia Labour Party looks forward to contributing to constructive and informed dialogue on the ways in which it plans to continue to positively shape the future of our country and our citizens.