Sommer connected to French President?

Veteran Saint Lucian Journalists, Rick Wayne, citing “fairly reliable” sources, has asserted that Frenchman Eric Sommer may have had connections to French President, Francois Hollande.

Sommer was charged with murder in the death of Saint Lucian, Lucas Francois, on May 12, 2012, at Pigeon Island.

It is alleged that the Frenchman pushed Francois off a boat and refused to assist him when he asked for help.

After spending some four years in jail, Sommer pleaded guilty to a lesser count of manslaughter and was last month sentenced to time served.

He left Saint Lucia hours later.

Journalist Rick Wayne said during his television programme – TALK, aired last evening on DBS television:

“The Ambassador of France issued a release right after the guy and he spoke about higher people and the expectation at the highest levels, what did he mean by that?”

Wayne added:

“That coincides with the fairly reliable thing that the guy was connected with as high as the President of France.”

He questioned why someone would go to court some twenty times in four years and in just three weeks, enter a lesser plea.

“The perception is that this guy be taken care of now, or else,” Wayne declared.

He revealed that he has been informed that there are a number of people at Bordelais prison right now who have entered lesser pleas but cannot get out.







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