Williams: Politicians better placed to deal with rape

The Communications Officer of the advocacy group, Speak Out Saint Lucia (SOS), Norbert Williams, has asserted that politicians are better placed to deal with the issue of rape.

“The persons who are better placed to deal with these issues are the politicians because they have been elected and they have sworn to take the responsibility of the people of Saint Lucia first and foremost.” Williams has said.

He said that in an election year, citizens should not shy away from the problem of rape and sexual offences in Saint Lucia, which has become the subject of discussion throughout the Island.

Noting that rape has affected this country for decades, Williams expressed the opinion that there seems to be a fear by many people in Saint Lucia of being labelled political in discussing the issue and addressing it.

However he declared that there is absolutely no problem in making any issue political.

“The problem is when it becomes partisan,” he said during a local television talk show.

Williams said there was need to discuss the problem from a number of angles, including the religious, educational and political context involving all persons representing the people.

“This is no time for turning away or turning a blind eye,” he observed.

Williams said:

“We need to shy away from shirking our responsibilities and face the real issues that have a real consequence on the lives and wellbeing of the people of Saint Lucia.”

Williams, the former Communications Director of Zandoli International who was recently severed by the organization, last month launched Speak Out Saint Lucia to advocate on behalf of victims of sexual abuse, child molestation, incest and rape.

Through his Attorney, Williams has given notice that he intends to pursue legal action against Zandoli.