Rigobert: Gov’t should do more to curb rapes

The leader of the opposition. Doctor Gale Rigobert, has asserted that the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) administration should do more to curb rapes in this country, and has outlined ways in which the government can intervene.

Among the measures Rigobert has advanced are reopening the forensic laboratory, equipping the Police and implementing protocols ate the various health centres and hospitals to deal with victims of rape to preserve their privacy and dignity.

“These are very tangible fixes to the problem,” she explained, adding that they did not represent the sum total of measures that can be taken.

The Micoud North MP raised questions about the number of rape victims who have received counselling after their ordeal.

She appealed to victims and their families who can muster the courage, to begin to share their stories.

“Too many people are still dealing with this as a passing news item, as an ugly news item while this is a life-changing experience” the opposition leader said.