Guy Joseph concerned about SLP’s message

Castries South East MP, Guy Joseph, has indicated that he is concerned about the message being sent by the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP).

Joseph told a meeting of the opposition United Workers Party (UWP) last night that the SLP continues to disappoint him not only in terms of governance  but also in terms of its message and what the party is telling the people of Saint Lucia.

He recalled that ruling party MP, Philip J. Pierre wanted to attack the UWP’s Anse La Raye/Canaries candidate – Dominic Fedee.

Pierre had recently referred to Fedee’s Guyanese nationality and called attention to his height.

However Joseph, speaking in kweyol, told UWP supporters that a little axe can chop down a big tree.

“Kenny says size does not matter, but if I had to choose between Dominic’s size and Kenny’s size I will choose Dominica before I choose Kenny,” the Castries South East MP declared.

He told UWP supporters that Philip J. Pierre wants to send a message to Kenny Anthony but does not know how.

“So he wants to use Dominic as an example to tell Kenny what size he should be, but tell Philip J. Pierre leave his lyrics for himself and do not use UWP people,” Joseph said.

He added:

“Who is more Guyanese, Kenny or Dominic? In the days when Guyana was swinging a lot of our families went to Guyana to work, and let me tell you something – a lot of the people who are coming back as Guyanese have their roots right here in Saint Lucia.”

“If Prime Minister Anthony as one of the heads of Caricom would attack Guyanese, why should they preach regional integration if they are attacking Guyanese in Saint Lucia?” Joseph said.

He asserted that Dominic Fedee is more Saint Lucian and not just a Saint Lucian but a Caribbean man, working for all the Sandals Hotels around the region as a regional manager.