SLP supporter declares undying love

Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) supporter, Septima Nicholas, created quite a stir yesterday from the time she left her Soufriere home.

Dressed in a wedding outfit, Nicholas told the Times that from the time she left home she set tongues wagging and mobile telephones and cameras snapping photos of her attire.

The stir continues as she showed up at Cul de Sac for a rally of the SLP to launch its Castries South East Candidate, Joachim Henry.

Nicholas explained that the first time she showed up at a labour party meeting in special garb, she was dressed in her graduation clothing.

“I graduated as labour,” she said with a smile in her voice, adding that she was now married to labour for life.

The SLP supporter told the Times:

“Wherever they go, I am going.”

According to Nicholas, she has plans to dress up again the next time the SLP has a political meeting, but exactly what she will wear, she does not know as yet.

She disclosed that the wedding dress she wore yesterday was actually a first communion garment that a women was about to throw away.

“I told her to give it to me so that I could perform something for labour,” Nicholas said.

She explained that she has been a labour party supporter since the age of eighteen when she first voted.

Asked why she is such a die hard labour supporter, the mother of two grown children declared that the SLP helps people.

The unmarried mother told the Times that her children are aged 36 and 37.

The SLP supporter revealed that only one of them shares her passion for the Saint Lucia Labour Party, while the other has never voted.

Nicholas told the Times that the MP for Soufriere, Harold Dalsan, was among those who applauded her for her wedding dress and placard.

“They know every time that I will just create something,” Nicholas said.


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