Lucian Green Party to contest elections

The Interim Leader of the Lucian Green Party, Andre De Caires, has disclosed that the Electoral Department has approved the party’s election symbol – a cow.

“Many of the tenets of the green apply to the cow because it is a vegetarian, it is a peaceful animal, it is female, produces meat, manure and milk,” De Caires observed.

He said that as a result, the Lucian Green Party thought the cow was the best symbol for the political organization.

He revealed that the party has four individuals who are prepared to run in the next elections.

However he said that the executive of the party will decide where and when the four will present themselves to the electorate.

De Caires declared that the Green Party is about decentralized governance and would like to see people in the constituencies bring forward someone from among them whom they can trust, rather than Castries dictating what happens in their communities.

He said that the Green Party has almost completed preparations for the upcoming elections.

“We have our party slogan, our party motto, our party songs, our party colors, our tee shirt designs, our Facebook page, our website and our email account,” De Caires asserted.

He explained that his party was about biodiversity preservation and focusing on the youth, as well as promoting diversification in agriculture and food security.

According to him, the party will also promote organic lifestyles using renewable resources.

He said one of the Green Party’s mottos is: “Say no to greedy Joe!”

“A lot of what is happening around the world and our country is that greedy Joes, people who want everything are taking,” De Caires lamented.

He indicated that the Green Party would like to bring a halt to this and bring about upward social mobility for the poor man and help young people to become self-sufficient.


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