Woman allegedly killed during argument over mobile phone

Jennifer Edwin, a Dugard, Micoud resident is dead after an alleged row with a male individual over a telephone.

According to reports, the incident occurred sometime after 9:00 pm last night, April 4.

Her sister-in-law Tesha Neptune said that she was at home when she heard the two quarreling over “some phone business”.

She heard the sound of raised voices with the deceased exclaiming “drop my neck!”

She said that about 10 minutes later, the male individual came out and said that Edwin was dead on the floor.

She said it appeared to her that the deceased had been strangled.

Neptune disclosed that the deceased was frothing at the mouth and her eyeballs were rolled backwards.

Relatives of the deceased said that Edwin and the male individual with whom she had a romantic relationship were always quarreling.

Dugard, Micoud is one of the communities that Darren Sammy is supposed to be visiting today after winning the T20 ICC World Cup championship.

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