Armed bandits strike again in Vieux Fort

Armed bandits have struck again in Vieux Fort, holding up a middle aged man in broad daylight yesterday and forcing their way into the man’s vehicle.

The masked criminals, one holding a firearm and the other wielding a knife and a cutlass, launched their attack at about 1:45 PM near the La Tourney Mall, according to reliable information reaching the Times.

The armed bandits are reported to have driven the man’s vehicle near the beach, dealt him a few blows and robbed him of cash and valuables, including a mobile telephone.

The thugs then tied up their victim and left.

The man eventually managed to free himself some four hours later and made a report to the police.

The abandoned vehicle was found in the vicinity of the old runway in Vieux Fort.

Yesterday’s attack bears all the hallmarks of two similar incidents in Vieux Fort in the past  few weeks,leading to speculation that a criminal duo on foot is targeting unwary motorists.

In one incident, on March 12, 2016, a Courts Saint Lucia employee was hacked to death by two masked men bearing arms.

The men forced their way into a vehicle in which the man, Francis Cyrillien, and a female companion were sitting  at Bois Chadon, Vieux Fort.

The woman was stripped naked and robbed, while Cyrillien was tied to a tree after he was was attacked with a cutlass.

The woman subsequently summoned help, by which time her companion had succumbed to his injuries.

Less than two weeks later, a male individual and his female companion were sitting in their vehicle near the Vieux Fort Mall at about 10 PM one evening when two armed men rushed up to them and forced their way into the vehicle.

The man was tied up and the women taken to a secluded area of Vieux Fort and raped, after the man was tied up and bundled into the trunk of the vehicle.



After the criminals made their escape, the woman is believed to have let her male companion out of the trunk of the vehicle.

They later made a report to the police.