SLTU President concerned about school safety

School safety remains a priority for the Saint Lucia Teachers Union (SLTU), the President of the organization, Julian Monrose, has said at its 19th biennial convention.


During the event, held yesterday at the Clendon Mason Memorial Secondary school, Monrose disclosed that the major challenge the SLTU has had is that quite a number of schools have faced structural issues.


Monrose, who was reelected at the convention, disclosed that a number of schools are affected by termites and are dealing with other issues.

He said the SLTU has been working with the Ministry of Education to ensure that schools are safe and that health and safety issues are at the forefront.

“We want to ensure that education can take place in an environment that is healthy and safe,” the SLTU President asserted.

Monrose also said there was need to continue strengthening the trade union.

“We are here to ensure that we live up to the requirements of our constitution by hosting these biennial conventions, because we want to make sure that our union continues to grow,” he revealed.

Monrose said the union wants to be able to defend its members.

He explained that the SLTU was not only about fulfilling its role as a trade union, but wants to continue providing opportunities for the professional development of its members.

He observed that by doing so, the trade union is contributing to national development.

“The school is part of the community and is impacted by everything that happens in the community,” Monrose said in response to the issue of recent reports of acts of sexual violence and suicides in the country.

He noted that if there is growing indiscipline in the society, it will reach the schools.

The SLTU President said teachers have to be proactive, innovative and do what is necessary to help address the problems in the society.

“As educators we are not going to sit, especially as a teachers ’union, and cry about the issues,” he declared.

Monrose said the SLTU stands ready to work with the Ministry of Education and other agencies to find solutions to problems facing the society.