Teenage boy accused of molesting child

The mother of a nine year old girl has vowed to pursue justice for her child, whom she says was molested by a  teenage boy who is now fifteen years old.

The girl was eight at the time of the alleged molestation, while the boy was fourteen, the mother has told the Times.

The Babonneau resident explained that her daughter had constantly been complaining of pain in her genital area and problems urinating.

According to the mother, she took the girl to the Babonneau Health Centre on Wednesday.

Her voice quivering with anger, the mother told the Times that a Doctor who examined the girl explained that she had lost her virginity.

The mother said when the child was questioned, the girl explained that she had been molested by the teenaged boy.

The woman told the Times that she and her boyfriend had taken in the alleged molester and his mother when the two were threatened with eviction from their home.

She said the sleeping arrangements were such that the alleged molester, the alleged victim and a teenaged sister of the alleged victim slept in one room on separate beds.

The Babonneau resident disclosed that both she and her boyfriend worked nights.

As a result, she explained that the alleged molestation occurred when they were away from home.

She said the teenaged boy is the son of her boyfriend’s sister.

“Why is my eight year old you deflower? Why is my girl you do that to?” The mother lamented.

The woman said that others in the community have been telling her that the matter was a family affair.

“I don’t care if it is a family thing, my child has to have peace in her heart,” the mother declared.

She vowed that the alleged molester, who moved out of the home with his mother about a year ago because they found another house, will not escape justice.

“ The other girl, the fourteen year old, she told us there was a night she woke up and she saw, you know, she wasn’t sure whether she was dreaming or not, but she saw the boy on top of the eight year old,” the mother of the alleged victim told the Times.

She said when the teenaged sister reported the matter, the alleged molester was confronted but denied any wrongdoing.

“Her whole life is spoiled,” the Babonneau resident said of her young daughter, adding that as a mother, she had reached out to the mother of the alleged molester and his parent when they were in need, and had been repaid in the worst possible way.

She said the mother of the alleged molester is asserting that the abuse story is not true.

However the mother of the alleged victim says she intends to press charges and is awaiting a comprehensive report from a gynecologist to present to the police.

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